Learning Resources

Shree Swami Sivananda on “Self-Knowledge”

Page 88 on this site will take you directly to Swami Sivananda’s teaching on likhita japa


Notes on Creative Likhita Japa

• Techniques

• Tools

• Samples from a Sketchbook


Learning to Write Mantras

A wonderful tracing sheet for the Vedic OM (courtesy of Roy Goodwin)

• OM in Sanskrit (animation)

• OM namah Shivaaya in Sanskrit (animation)

• Vedic OM (animation)

• Tamil OM (animation)

• Telugu OM (animation)

• “Shree Raama” in Sanskrit (animation)

Learning Devanagari

Devanagari On-Line Tutor (Australian Nat’l Univ.)

Devanagari On-Line Tutor

Sanskrit On-Line Dictionary